.348 220 grain flat point Bonded (50 pack)


Bonded construction for best weight retention.
BC .28


5 reviews for .348 220 grain flat point Bonded (50 pack)

  1. Dan Motta (verified owner)

    I really appreciate even being able to find .348 bullets.
    Shipping was fast and I am happy with the quality of the bullets.
    I will be ordering more

  2. Ray C Atkinson

    I purchased several boxes of 348 ammo from you and it worked outstanding on deer and elk last season…Now Im on the hunt for .318 Wesley Richards bullets in 225 and 250 gr….or your ability to swage 338 bullets to .330 if Im corrrect on those figures..Im surprised nobody makes a bulllets for the 318 WR..somebodys missing a need according to my inquiries…the need is mostly for a cup and core bullet for elk and deer, or bonded core?? or both..
    Ray Atkinson
    Atkinson Hunting adv.
    10 ward Lane
    Filer, Idaho, 83328

  3. Harold Williams

    Just received package today,beautiful bullets.Will be loading some soon,thank you for these calibers.Wondering if you have capabilities for .228 for savage 22 hi-power.

  4. Fred Summerfelt (verified owner)

    Beautiful bullets, consistent weight, load well, shoot well, excellent service! I will be buying many more.

  5. Roy Ridley


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