Short spitzer (50 Pack)


180, 158 gr.

.355 .357
BC .24
Feeds and functions flawlessly through AR style rifles.
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180 gr., 158 gr.


.357, .355

2 reviews for Short spitzer (50 Pack)

  1. Craig Cummings (verified owner)

    Outstanding bullet. Shooting out of a custom 350 Legend AR platform with a 20” barrel. I am under 1 MOA at 100 and my best group was .5 at 200! Water jug tested at 50 and 100 yards. Excellent expansion and 90%+ weight retention. Cannot ask for more from a bullet. The biggest factor is their killing power. All deer DRT. Best bullet I have seen for the Legend. I do not do a lot of reviews, but these bullets deserve a great one.

  2. Dave Kottke (verified owner)

    Not sure how you do it but I ordered these on 10-7-22 and received them on 10-8-22.
    Excellent service, will post about the product performance after I put some loads together and get to the range.

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