12 gauge jacketed hollow point – 1 3/8 oz. (25 pack)



4 reviews for 12 gauge jacketed hollow point – 1 3/8 oz. (25 pack)

  1. Kevin Gibbs (verified owner)

    Great slugs massive hallow point and so far very accurate the only reason I didn’t give them 5 stars is due to very limited reloading data available from fury amazing product

  2. Matt

    Absolutely love these slugs. Not only are they totally badass looking but they shoot straight as an arrow out of my rifled mossy 535. And I mean tack driving straight!
    As for kinetic energy transfer to target. 100% whith 8-10 inches of a 16 inch ballistic jell block. That’s Nasty!!
    Go to Therapy Range on YouTube and check out Paul’s review on em.

  3. Matt Kissmyasssocialist (verified owner)

    Love them! They shoot like a rifle bullet out of my rifled bore mossberg. I haven’t gone past 100 yards yet but the drop at 100 is only about one inch.

  4. Preston (verified owner)

    Initial testing in a fully rifled Siace double rifle looks promising. I was able to get a 4-shot group into 3” at 50 yards with a moderate charge of blue dot. For those wondering about load data, just stick with 1-3/8 oz shot load data from a reputable source. Pressure will be less than the shot load equivalent! I will be buying more to continue load development!

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