Yes, bullet fit is key to accuracy.  An adjustable sizing die enables you to custom fit the bullet to your rifle and changing conditions. 

  1. Smokeless powders, typically not. Some rifles will show improvement when one is used.
  2. BH209, Yes. An over powder wad helps seal the groove, which enables the powder to ignite reliably.  A good seal also allows the charge to build pressure quickly and swell the bullet into the groove of the rifling. 

No,  muzzleloader bullets are too soft. They are made to swell upon ignition. Which is why they work so well for a muzzleloader.  This is not good for a cartridge. As the bullet needs to travel through the throat, lead, and engrave the rifling. A soft bullet can create headspace and pressure issues.   Contact me for other cartridge bullet options. 

Yes, there are manufacturers producing rifles outside of normal industry specifications. I can make bullets up to .003 oversized to accommodate this issue.

A sabot knurl provides a rough surface on the bullet to grip the sabot, eliminating any slippage.

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