.50 Universal Fit


Bonded for best terminal performance and weight retention.

Non discarding base wad
Fits bores .501-502
BC .26

Additional information


285 gr., 320 gr.


50 Pack, 10 Pack


.4995 for cva accura, paramount , optima, .50

5 reviews for .50 Universal Fit

  1. Bryan King (verified owner)

    I’ve been fighting my 50 smokeless muzzleloader for awhile now looking for better groups, first loading with these results were amazing, 3 shots .475″@ 100, then was able to confirm holdover at 200 hash marks on my vortex reticle. 2 shots on the money. My search is over.

  2. tigerrick (verified owner)

    Most accurate projectile I can find for my Remington Ultimate! Thanks Dennis for producing such a quality product!!

  3. Scott Harris (verified owner)

    Best muzzleloader bullet I’ve shot. I will be buying more.

  4. Dcl (verified owner)

    Amazing bullet. Shoot and perform great to 300yds for me

  5. Adam

    I killed my biggest buck ever with this bullet. They are accurate and deadly!

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