10 gauge foster slug 1 1/2 oz (50 pack)


.775 cal.


1 review for 10 gauge foster slug 1 1/2 oz (50 pack)

  1. Greg Topp

    I purchased these several years ago and have shot them to the point I need more. I load them in a cut-down 2-7/8″ shell (less powder and cards than the 3-1/2″ Magnum), with a charge of Unique to about 1,250 fps. The velocity of the ‘Short Ten’ is the same as the ‘Magnum Ten’ (again, with less powder and blast).

    I love the fact that Fury has seen fit to size these at bore diameter. I tried them in the 19-inch barrel of my custom Browning BPS-10. It takes about 8-10 lbs of force to run them through the barrel. Perfect. The down range performance and accuracy are decent. In fact, I hit the 205-yard gong at my range with one. Lucky shot, but the effect on the gong was immediate. Thanks to Fury for keeping the ‘Mighty Ten’ going. Buy with Confidence.

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