.402 Star Tip 2p (50 Pack)


Bonded for excellent terminal performance and weight retention.

BC .36
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225 gr., 250 gr., 275 gr., 300 gr., 325 gr

4 reviews for .402 Star Tip 2p (50 Pack)

  1. jonathan trivette

    First two shots were cutting the same hole at 100 yards. Took it hunting using RL16 @2722fps and blasted a coyote that dropped in his tracks. The very next day I shot a good a 170lb 8pt hard quartering away and the bullet entered in about his last rib and found a piece of the bullet in the off side neck just about to come out of the hide. Massive internal damage and the deer only went 50-60 yards. Great bullet for sure both accuracy and on game. Highly recommend. Great job Dennis.

  2. Nick S (verified owner)

    Shooting these with 70gn’s by weight of blackhorn 209 and a blue harvester sabot out of a 45cal CVA accura xtreme lrx. Sub MOA at 100 yards. Took the setup to Kentucky and killed 3 does with it in late muzzleloader season. Shot two at 90 yards and one at 124 yards. 2 of the deer were hard quartering too and never took another step after the shot. One was broadside and made it 40 yards. All three were complete pass throughs. Excellent accuracy and devastating performance on deer. Outstanding bullet right here!

  3. Dan (verified owner)

    I shot this bullet (.402 Startip2P, 250 gr, in a Harvester blue sabot) in my 45 cal CVA Paramount with a crappy barrel. I wasn’t used to the scope so my first group was to see if we were on paper at 50 yds. Second group (3 shots), all 3 bullets in one hole!!! At 200 yds. the group was sub MOA! This is a great bullet with this gun.

  4. VH (verified owner)

    I have a CVA 45 MRX. The bore is .454. These bullets in a light blue harvester sabot (not crush rib) are the only bullets that will group under 3” at 100 for me. Power belts definitely did not work. This bullet and sabot combo shoot into 1 ragged hole with 77 grains BH 209. I spoke with Dennis several times and he recommended this combo as my best solution to such an overbore barrel. He was spot on and now my rifle shoots as I had hoped it would.

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