.452 Star Tip MZ (50 pack)


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250 gr., 275 gr., 300 gr.

4 reviews for .452 Star Tip MZ (50 pack)

  1. CHRIS EATON (verified owner)

    These bullets consistently shoot into a half-minute at 200 yards in my Hankins converted CVA Scout V2, are devastating on deer and the price is RIGHT! Can’t ask for any better than this. Fury gets my SML business! 👍

  2. Steve Stroyan (verified owner)

    If these bullets are not shooting sub 1/2 moa at 100 yards there is something not quite right in your set up. Most of the powder testing I do is at 100 yards many different powders and charge weights. You can spend more on fancy looking but you wont get any more accurate. As far as performance on deer these will absolutely amaze you.

  3. Kai Zimmermann

    Exceptional accuracy and performance on game. DRT every time!

  4. keith Johnson

    can these.452 startip be used to reload a 450 bushmaster used in a cascade cva.looking for a better bullet than sst hornadys

    • Dennis Kautz

      No it cannot, it’s construction is too soft for cartridge rifles. D

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